If you're the type who needs to believe that every cloud has a silver living, try this one on for size: maybe, just maybe, the incidence of rape in Sweden will turn out to have been a bit lower than usual in recent weeks because many "youths" who'd otherwise be committing violent acts of physical molestation have instead been busy rioting in the streets, burning cars, and generally vandalizing other people's property – behavior which, heinous though it may be, is nonetheless preferable to sexual assault.

Cheerful thought, no?

It's no secret that while rape has been on the upswing in recent years across Europe, the figures are higher in Sweden – which, not coincidentally, has Europe's second highest percentage of Muslim inhabitants – than in an other country on the continent. Yet even as the incidence of rape has soared, Sweden has continued to treat rapists more leniently than pretty much every other country in the Western world.

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