A prominent leader of the Muslim community in Toronto took advantage of the Al-Quds Day rally in the city's downtown to incite against Israel and wish for the end of Zionism, Shalom Toronto reports.

Saturday's annual rally took place this year north of the Ontario parliament building, after the provincial government rejected a request by the organizers to hold the rally in front of the parliament building as they had done in previous years. Sunni Muslims boycotted the rally,  most probably because of the war crimes carried out by the Assad regime of Syria with the full military support of Iran, Iraq, and Hizbullah, but the participants nevertheless proudly waved the flags of Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and the PLO.

Al-Quds Day has been marked since 1979, as decided by Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian government, on the last Friday of the Ramadan month in order to express the support of Iran and the Muslim world of Palestinian Authority Arabs and "the liberation of Jerusalem," to discredit Israel and call for its destruction, and to defy the United States and other western powers.

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