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The city of Ghent is going to delete the word "allochtone" from its "accord de majorité" and from daily use. "The suppression of the word 'allochtone' is the beginning of a new policy of integration", explains Resul Tapmaz (sp.a), deputy burgomaster in charge of Equal Opportunities, in several Dutch-language newspapers. According to the deputy burgomaster, the parties concerned are themselves demanding the suppression of this word. "You see it in the streets, the Ghentians with origins elsewhere are not happy with this label. They feel like Ghentians, not 'allochtones.'"

Specifically, the city wants to suppress the word "allochtone" from the "accord de majorité", in which it occurs 15 times, and replace it with terms such as "ethnic or cultural minorities", "Ghentian Turks", or even "first arrivals".

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