Anthony Weiner recently announced his intention to run for mayor of New York City. As a resident living in Manhattan, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was right on the money when he said "shame on us" if New York City voters elect Weiner as their mayor. Governor Cuomo now says he was just kidding. But even the possibility of a Weiner victory is no joke.

Weiner's foolish sexting, which brought an abrupt and disgraceful end to his congressional term, displays a serious lack of judgment that alone should disqualify him. But that is only a side show to the main problem that a Mayor Weiner would pose to the welfare of New Yorkers.  His Muslim wife, Huma Abedin, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff and close confidante, is said to be the driving force behind her husband's decision to run for the most important office of America's largest city. She even reportedly pushed someone she had previously worked with to serve as Weiner's campaign manager. If Weiner becomes mayor, Abedin will be in a position to shape her husband's policies from behind the scenes on such sensitive matters as law enforcement and city counterterrorism.

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