When war broke out in Egypt, in January 2011, U.S. Muslim activist Ahmed Bedier knew he had to get involved. Revolution in Egypt was in his DNA, passed down to him and his brothers by his Islamist father. While Bedier attempts to whitewash his and his family's extremism – and the mainstream media has generally given him a pass – the truth must now be told, including the truth about his al-Qaeda supporting sibling.

Ahmed Mostafa Bedier – the middle name is from his father, Mostafa – moved to the United States from Egypt when he was eight years old, spending his youth in both Illinois and Oregon. When his parents relocated back to Egypt, he elected to remain, as he had gotten used to secular American society.

In time, Bedier headed south to sunny Florida, where he came to be somewhat of a financial success, purchasing real estate, shopping at upscale stores, and driving a fancy BMW.

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