In late 2012, the academics Øystein Sørensen, Bernt Hagtvet and Bjørn Arne Steine, among others, published a work in Norway called Høyreekstremisme. Ideer og bevegelser i Europa ("Right-wing extremism. Ideas and Movements in Europe") I figure prominently in this book, which in my view symbolizes the decay and intellectual dishonesty in modern academia.

Co-editors Bernt Hagtvet and Øystein Sørensen, both of them professors at the University of Oslo, suggest that my ideology is anti-democratic and dangerous and will lead to oppressive and authoritarian societies. It is unclear how this could be the case, since I want to move power away from unelected supranational organizations such as the EU, and back to the people, and reduce state interference in the lives of individual citizens. I must be the first alleged "Fascist" in history who wants less state power over the lives of individual citizens.

The chapter written by Vidar Enebakk on "Fjordman's radicalization" is particularly incompetent and ridiculously politicized. For example, he refers totally uncritically to the report "Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America" from 2011, which was published by the left-wing organization The Center for American Progress, with several Muslim collaborators.

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