It isn't often that a leftist thought leader calls out her comrades for aligning themselves with the Islamist enemies of the United States but that's exactly what Meredith Tax does in her new book.

In Double Bind: The Muslim Right, the Anglo-American Left, and Universal Human Rights, published recently by the Centre for Secular Space, Tax claims that a fierce struggle is underway worldwide between Islamic fundamentalists and secularists who favor the separation of religion and the state. (Tax is U.S. Director and head writer for the Centre, which she describes as a London-based think tank "formed to oppose fundamentalism, strengthen secular voices, and promote universality in human rights.")

If this is true, it is a fairly well-guarded secret. The secularists haven't won many battles in recent decades. Church-state separation remains as strange and foreign a concept in the Islamic world as shareholder dividends might be in Stalinist North Korea.

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