Maybe it was too nice out to protest. Or maybe no one cared what a few hundred conservatives were talking about in this one-party state. But only about 10 people convened Saturday with signs outside the DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis to oppose Pamela Geller, best known for her opposition to the Ground Zero mosque and her ad campaigns linking the concept of jihad with mass murder. She was the opening speaker at the Maryland Conservative Action Network (MDCAN) conference held the same day at the hotel.

The non-event was called by the Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A statement on the group's Facebook page said, "We need to let the MDCAN and their Republican enablers to know that these purveyors of division and hate are not welcome in Annapolis. ... Please join us in a public demonstration as we expose their ideas as simply divisive, hurtful and out-of-touch with mainstream America."

Ms. Geller is controversial. She believes that we are in the midst of a cultural war with the highest consequences, and she knows how to attract attention. She calls the media the "enemedia" and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg the "Ayatollah Bloomberg."

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