What you don't know can most likely kill you. That's at least the thought process behind a new bill that'll be considered in the Legislature when it reconvenes next year. Rep. RoseMarie Swanger of Lebanon County has introduced House Bill 2029, which would amend Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, prohibiting "the application of foreign law which would impair constitutional rights." And her bill is being supported by more than 40 state reps for one reason: Fighting commonwealth Islamic Jihad within the walls of state government.

It might sound crazy, but in a June 14, 2011, memo to all members of the House (titled "American and Pennsylvania Laws for Pennsylvania Courts–Sharia Law"), Swanger writes bizarre phrases like, "America has unique laws of liberty which do not exist in foreign legal systems, particularly Sharia Law." And: "We are a nation of laws. Unfortunately, increasingly, foreign laws and legal doctrines—including and especially Sharia Law—are finding their way into U.S. court cases." Also: "The embrace of foreign legal systems such as Sharia Law, which was inherently hostile to our constitutional liberties, is a violation of the principles on which our nation was founded." And the bill she introduced to the state House mirrors legislation introduced and passed across Red America in recent years (Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisiana, Tennessee).

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