For a person like me who learned English as a second language, the current trend of inventing new meanings for words is a disturbing phenomenon. Our vocabulary is transforming, particularly in politics, where the new interpretation of news and events is distorted to adversely affect reality.

It started with our government demanding that we stop using certain words and specifying alternates. "Overseas contingency operation." "Man-caused disaster." "Anti-Islamic activity."  These are the terms currently required by our administration for the "global war on terror," "terrorism," and "Islamic terrorism." At times, "freedom fighters" has been used for "terrorists." The new expressions are vague to the point of meaninglessness and don't convey the facts.

These phrases appear in internal government memos, as well as media articles, preventing the public from being properly informed. A new edition of the lexicon might also include euphemisms for serial killers and serial rapists as "man-caused afflictions" or "uninvited shoppers" for shoplifters.

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