We're so used to Muslims making preposterous claims about history that they are hardly worth noting any more, except for an occasional laugh. But when the claims are being made in Europe at the expense of European taxpayers, the matter deserves to be taken a bit more seriously.

In Spain there is a website called Webislam that is published by the "Junta Islámica" [Muslim Council]. This is one of these non-profit Muslim propaganda outfits that takes taxpayer cash and claims to be promoting a wholesome, decaffeinated version of Islam that is compatible with human rights and equality of the sexes.

But the website publishes an unending stream of outlandish propaganda. One recent article claims Leonardo Da Vinci was a Muslim. Based primarily on a book written by the Iranian "scholar" Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini, it claims Da Vinci's mother was an Arab slave and that a fingerprint found on one of his paintings has a 60% probability of being from an Arab. It also claims that in several of Da Vinci's paintings, including the Last Supper, there are figures making the sign of the Islamic Shahada.

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