It's been almost two years since the dawn of the "Arab Spring," and since then then we've seen hardline Islamists coming to power, increased movement toward fundamentalist government and pan-Arab riots in response to a YouTube video.

Given this trend and the anti-Western vitriol spewed daily by Muslim clerics the world over, it is hard to believe how many Europeans continue to live in a state of denial with regard to the growing Islamic population around them. Yes, it is no secret that there is a population shift taking place. And yes, most people are aware that there is unrest among immigrant populations and a pronounced desire to change their host environment to suit their cultural sensibilities.

But the notion of fascist Islamist forces taking over Europe has routinely been dismissed as fanatical and extreme. Various riots and violence, like the French Muslim youth riots in 2005 and 2010, seemed contained to specific neighborhoods and suburbs, and appeared to have little affect on the centers of power. The cases of murder or mayhem in response to an art exhibit or cartoon seemed limited and containable. This is no longer the case.

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