An enormous study released on Thursday on Muslims in Germany has once again triggered a widespread debate on integration. This time, however, Muslims themselves aren't the focus of debate but, rather, the Interior Ministry's handling of the report. German commentators say the minister is on his way to losing the trust of the country's Muslim population.

The study presented by the German Interior Ministry on Thursday was massive. Fully 760 pages long, the tome used interviews and media analysis to delve into the views of Muslims living in Germany -- and it contained several interesting revelations. Among them were that Muslims who hold German citizenship are overwhelmingly interested in integrating, that there is significant variance in how Muslims view the country, and that many Muslims feel they are equated with terrorism by German society as a whole.

The article about the study in the mass-circulation tabloid Bild, which leaked the results prior to its official publication, was short. It focused primarily on one of the study's myriad findings: Among Muslims between the ages of 14 and 32 who don't possess German citizenship, 24 percent expressed a significant resistance to the idea of integration.

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