You can see the sign: the Campus Fire Marshal orders the area to remain clear at all times. And underneath, a festive "Happy Eid" sign. Why there? Because that is where Muslims pray on campus at the University of California Irvine:

You can see the "This Area Is to Remain Clear At All Times" sign in the upper right, partially obscured by the tree. So if the Fire Marshal wants the area to remain clear at all times, why are Muslims praying there? Could it be that the University of California Irvine, which just adopted a divestment from Israel resolution reminiscent of Nazi calls to boycott Jewish shops, has quietly set aside this outdoor, public, conspicuous space for Muslim prayer (so that the Muslim presence on campus would be asserted far more effectively than it would be in an indoor prayer room), and had the Fire Marshall issue his decree so that non-Muslims wouldn't defile the mosque with their presence? (Non-Muslims are forbidden to enter mosques unless invited in for proselytizing purposes.)

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