A new documentary film, "The Grand Deception," delves into the subversive culture of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, bringing to light footage of radical Islamists, masquerading as moderate Muslims, who call for violent jihad against the United States and its allies.

"While working at CNN as a correspondent in 1992, I had been sent to Oklahoma City, and I just happened to pass by the Oklahoma City Convention Center, where I witnessed thousands of people coming out dressed in Middle Eastern garb. I went inside and found out it was a radical Islamist conference with calls to kill the Jews and attack America," Steve Emerson, the film's producer and an award-winning journalist, said in an interview, explaining that the event prompted him to create a documentary called "Jihad in America" to research the subject. "If I looked good, it was only because others in the business were not doing their job."

In many ways, they still aren't.

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