In case you missed it, this month is "Torture Awareness Month," organized by the Religious Left, chiefly by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT).  For more targeted emphasis, this Sunday will start a "National Week of Action Against Torture, Guantanamo and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)," with help from the American Civil Liberties Union, Council on American-Islamic Relations and CodePink.

NRCAT is a coalition of Mainline Protestant denominations, left-leaning evangelicals and Catholic caucuses, and Muslim groups like the Islamic Society of North America.

Opposing torture should be laudable except that the Religious Left, since 9-11, has developed a very peculiar, narrow interest in "torture" that is almost exclusively confined to the U.S. War on Terror.  And "torture" seems to include by their definition not just horrific acts of physical pain traditionally defined as torture but also the sustained detention of terrorists and any even implied coercive acts against them beyond the reading of Miranda Rights.

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