The list reads, in large part, like an honor roll of courageous truth-tellers.  In the U.S., people like David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Ibn Warraq, Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer, and Andrew McCarthy.  In Canada, Ezra Levant.  In the U.K., Roger Scruton.  In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders.  In Denmark, Lars Hedegaard.  And so on.

But no, this isn't meant as an honor roll.  It's a list of individuals – and organizations, too, among them the David Horowitz Freedom Center – that, according to a new "Counter-Jihad Report" by a British group called Hope Not Hate, make up a nefarious network of Islamophobic extremists who inspired the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring-Breivik.

It's no coincidence that this "report" was issued to coincide with the beginning of Breivik's trial, which started on Monday.  For the people at Hope Not Hate seek to draw an explicit cause-and-effect connection between writings by various critics of Islam and the atrocities of July 22.

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