Last November, the Huffington Post published a piece that so fully displays the Islamic supremacist/enemedia strategy to full-on whitewash sharia and sell it to the American public that it is worth revisiting now -- especially since their agenda has advanced on all fronts since then, and the voices of truth are increasingly silenced and shut out of the public discourse.

Big broadcast news and print media offer Islamic supremacists and their leftist shills unfettered access to defame, lie about, smear, and give misleading information about freedom's fiercest defenders, without giving the victims of these vicious defamation campaigns the opportunity to rebut the false charges.  This is twenty-first-century Goebbels-style propaganda.  Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots on the left are given enormous power -- the kind of influence and access to deceive and mislead the American people that Nazi propagandists were given in Germany.  The fact that people like Robert Spencer and me have any influence at all is a testament to the American people, who love freedom and seek out the truth.

And so we come to "Shariah Law: The Five Things Every Non-Muslim (and Muslim) Should Know," published by Qasim Rashid in the HuffPo.  Rashid first tells us that "Shariah is the law of the Qur'an and literally means 'A path to life giving water.' In fact, the word Yarrah (i.e. the root of the Hebrew word Torah) means precisely the same thing. Therefore, Shariah is actually ingrained in Abrahamic tradition."

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