The Summer 2012 Olympics in London are supplying the world with exactly the type of ethnic variety that multicultural globalists currently hold in such high esteem. Face it, where else can Olympic fans see female competitors play beach volleyball in orange string bikinis and then be treated to the spectacle of a heavyweight judo competitor from Saudi Arabia rolling around on a mat in a hijab?

That's right - for the first time ever, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has agreed to send female athletes to compete in this year's Olympics. The competitors are jujitsu champ Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani and a Pepperdine University 800-meter track and field runner with dual citizenship named Sarah Attar.

If a woman with a bare head disturbs Muslim sensibilities, all praise goes to Allah that the female Saudi delegation didn't pick beach volleyball as a sport. After all, London Mayor Boris Johnson says that the London beach volleyball players "Glisten like wet otters." To the delight of male admirers, the British team works the volleyball while "Cheerleaders dance the conga between points, sand sweepers are greeted by the Benny Hill theme song 'Yakety Sax,' and the female athletes leave little to the imagination in eye-catching skimpy uniforms."

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