The email came from a man calling himself Jihad Alshamie and the message was simple enough. "It is people like you who deserve to die." The email was one of many streaming into the inbox of John Howell, a British member of parliament, in response to a simple question that he had asked. Howell had inquired of a left-wing activist what his position on the hundred rockets that had fallen on Israel was. And from there the death threats followed.

Howell joins the ranks of other MPs, including such prominently pro-Israel members of parliament as Louise Ellman and Robert Halfon, who have been on the receiving end of astounding volumes of vitriol and venom for refusing to align with the pro-terrorist position that dominates the political and intellectual climate in the United Kingdom. The threats that they have received are a taste of the charged atmosphere that defines the debate.

In a darkening atmosphere of hate, it has become increasingly dangerous to be Jewish or pro-Israel in the UK. That atmosphere extends all the way up to its highest bodies.

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