It's St. Valentine's Day and I think I'm falling in love with Baroness Warsi. Okay, I haven't sent her roses, nor yet wandered listlessly into the woods and carved Sayeeda in an old oak. But she is developing a very becoming capacity for speaking beautifully about religion.

The co-chairman of the Conservative Party is leading an unprecedented Government delegation to Rome for an audience with Pope Benedict XVI and will today deliver a speech at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy (why don't we have think-tanks like that?) in which she will warn of the dangers to Europe of 'militant secularisation'.

Perhaps, the most welcome part of what she has to say, as a Government minister and writing in today's Daily Telegraph, speaks of 'nations not denying their religious heritages. If you take this thought to its conclusion then the idea you're left with is this: Europe needs to become more confident in its Christianity.'

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