The party leader of the Junge SVP from canton Thurgau has publicly requested to stop the expansion of Islam. The highest court does not consider these statements as racist, because there is no global disdain for members of Islam.

Defending the values of a Christian influenced Swiss cultural identity against further spread of Islam may not be considered racism. That has been decided by the Swiss federal court in a legal dispute between the president of the Junge SVP canton Thurgau, Benjamin Kasper, and the foundation against racism and anti-Semitism.

The latter had published a report under the category "verbal racism" about a speech of the JSVP president in 2009 on the implementation of prohibition of minarets in a public meeting in Frauenfeld. The mentioned category is now to be deleted, since the Swiss federal court had refused a complaint by the foundation and thereby affirmed the judgement of the cantonal high court of Thurgau.

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