The video "American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI" from this year's Dearborn Arab Festival has gone viral. The group at the center of the incident, Official Street Preachers, is led by Ruben Israel. I sat down for a candid conversation and interview with the man behind this video and got an inside exclusive look at what really happened, including a frightening vehicular attack that wasn't captured on video.

The 2012 Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan ran this year from June 15 – 18 over the Father's Day Weekend. Like every other year, incidents that occur there become YouTube sensations, but nothing like what happened this time around.

We have seen this before, and I have written and spoken on the Arab Festival for the last three years. At the 2010 festival, four Christians from the Acts 17 Apologetics group were arrested and charged with "breach of the peace." Their cameras were confiscated, all for attempting to hand out Christian literature.

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