When the International Olympic Committee turned down a request to hold a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian jihadists at the 1972 Munich Olympics, unnoticed in the furor was the shocking moral inversion in the statement from Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee. In explaining why he opposed the moment of silence, Rajoub said: "Sports are meant for peace, not for racism… Sports are a bridge to love, interconnection, and spreading of peace among nations; it must not be a cause of division and spreading of racism between them [nations]."

Rajoub's statement strikingly paralleled Islamic supremacist rhetoric about "Islamophobia" in labeling any commemoration of the victims of the Munich jihad attacks "racist" — as if the jihad murderers who perpetrated the attacks, including Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, were the real victims. So the purveyors of "Islamophobia" identify the opponents of jihadist Jew-killers and persecutors of Christians as "bigots" and the destroyers of civility in the world today.

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