Some years ago I saw a video of a young Swedish man with a loudspeaker shouting the truth about Islam (protected by the police, but that goes without saying these days) in the middle of the street, while aggressive protesters unsuccessfully tried to make him stop by shouting threats at him and drowning out his speech by screaming like children.

Fearlessness that benefits others is always impressive, and I never forgot the clip of that young man. A year later I received an email from a man named Kent Ekeroth, who asked me if I would like to give a speech in Gothenburg, Sweden, in connection with the Swedish elections. He and his party The Swedish Democrats are now in parliament. And that young man that I saw a long time ago on that video was Kent.

A few months later, I shook hands with Kent, and protected by a dozen armed policemen and women, I gave the lecture in Gothenburg. Kent and I met several times since then and I have no doubt that he will play an important role in the future of Sweden and Europe. Kent Ekeroth is the Swedish Geert Wilders.

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