I recently reported about the 18-year-old Yusef Al-Abed, who was stabbed to death as he and twenty of his armed Turkish and Arab friends attacked a collapsed German man: "Berlin: 'tense armed calm' after German killed Muslim in self-defence". The German, known as Sven N., is to be acquitted, since he clearly acted in self-defence against the twenty Muslims, who were armed with knives and daggers. While Sven N. is recovering from having his skull fractured during the attack, tensions rise in the neighbourhood of Neukölln, Berlin, as 'anti-German insults' and talk about 'burning down the neighbourhood' and 'riots' is spreading in the Muslim dominated area.

Even though the German journalists only report bits and pieces of the story and one has to piece several articles together to get the full picture, they allow small and very interesting bits of information slip through -- often buried deep inside the articles. The above-mentioned article ended with this quote: "'Arab family clans appear regularly in hospitals and schools in order to make ruckus over trifles.' Mostly in groups, usually armed.'"

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