It's happened again: venomous Islamophobes have called for the monitoring of mosques. That's right: racist bigots, seething with unaccountable hatred for their fellow citizens who happen to be mosque-attending Muslims, are calling for unconscionable restrictions upon Muslims' religious freedom, and a cloud of suspicion to be cast upon the entire Muslim community, as they have called for law enforcement authorities to step up their monitoring of Muslim houses of worship.

Here's the story:

JEDDAH: A number of religious scholars and academics have stressed the need for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance to beef up monitoring of places of worship. It followed the recent report of a Riyadh mosque serving as a facade for manufacturing explosives.

That's right: the call for the monitoring of mosques has gone out not in the United States, and not from "Islamophobes" at all, but from Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The call came after "the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that it discovered explosive substances and devices at a lean-to of a quiet mosque in Riyadh."

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