At the traditional Eid celebrations in the Muslim ghetto of Vollsmose in Denmark's third biggest city, Odense, a car arrives with two Muslims from a unwelcome gang. One of the two is shot and later stabbed, the other escapes. As the victim receives treatment at Odense University Hospital, 60-70 aggressive and violent Muslims arrive at the hospital, bringing weapons such as clubs, knives and even guns, wanting to kill him. The police are quick to respond, but are not able to make any arrests. They draw their guns in order to make the Muslims leave the hospital. On their way out, the angry mob smashes several windows in an ambulance and a police car. Later during the day, the police manage to arrest 6 of them, and now their many friends are threatening to cause even bigger riots if they are not released.

Here are some excerpts on the resent Muslim riots in Vollsmose, Denmark, translated by Nicolai Sennels:

"Riots after shootings in Vollsmose - police drew weapons"

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