"Journalist" Mona Eltahawy, who took pink spray paint to our AFDI pro-freedom ads because they labeled jihadists as "savages," although she had nary a word of complaint when the New York Times and Hillary Clinton also labeled jihadists as "savages," has written a poem in which she obscurely links her fascist vandalism of our ads to the savage sexual assault she endured in Cairo's Tahrir Square, when her assailants, whom she characterized at the time as "beasts," broke her arms.

Be forewarned: the poem is laughably and luridly obscene, calling to mind a twelve-year-old being deliberately naughty and obsessively repeating dirty words she has just learned; it can be found in its entirety here. It is not noteworthy for being horrid poetry, although that it assuredly is; what is striking about it is that this much-lauded pundit and commentator evidently thinks that in both Tahrir Square and the New York subways vandalizing our ad she was standing for freedom. She refers to the vandalism in this passage (in which I have bowdlerized her adolescent obscenities):

Pink is the colour of my spray paint,
Pink is the colour of my p***y,
You want to f**k me in my pink coat.

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