With CNN's Candy Crowley shamelessly throwing President Obama a Libya life-preserver at Tuesday night's debate, the so-called Mohammed video is back in the news. That ought to offend sensible people — and not just because the president, aided and abetted by Ms. Crowley, is lying when he now claims, despite weeks of denials, to have regarded the Benghazi massacre from the first as a pre-planned terrorist attack.

For weeks, Obama and his minions attempted to hoodwink the country into believing that the murders of our ambassador and three other Americans were triggered when Muslim protests over a "movie" virtually no one had seen spontaneously erupted into rioting. In fact, these Americans were killed precisely because Obama's high-priority policy of embracing Islamists, in Libya and elsewhere, has empowered al-Qaeda and other Muslim militants. The policy's current implosion, in the presidential campaign's final days, has made a mockery of Obama's pretensions about having decimated al-Qaeda — the only part of his record that the president thought it was safe to run on.

The video was the heart of the administration's initial lie and subsequent cover-up. The assertion that it caused the latest atrocity was always untenable. Now that this causation claim has been blown out of the water, you might think that the video's relevance has been destroyed along with it. But in a significant way, it has not.

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