The prominent journalist Sven Egil Omdal, a former leader of the Norwegian Union of Journalists, has warned in the regional daily Stavanger Aftenblad against my dangerous critical views on Islam. At the same time, he thinks we should look into economic factors and social exclusion of Muslim immigrants in order to explain radicalization in ghettos, and not focus on Islamic ideas or culture. According to such socialist thinking, jihad is seen as caused by European and Western xenophobia, oppression and racism rather than the Islamic mentality.

For some strange reason, this theory has never been able to explain why Islamic expansionist aggression started about a thousand years before European colonialism, and long before the USA or Israel existed as countries.

Symptomatically, Mr. Omdal criticized the supposedly inhumane acts of American special forces who in 2011 killed the Islamic terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, after his terror network had murdered thousands of American civilians. At the same time, Omdal does not hesitate in defining society's "enemies" as Islamophobes on the political Right, who in his view held "responsibility" for creating the basis for Breivik's massacre.

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