The Huffington Post continues to wage its jihad against freedom and its champions. The Huffington Post, aka the Puff Ho, consistently displays an editorial bias that is almost indistinguishable from that of the designated terrorist news outlet, al Manar.

There was no holiday reprieve from the Islamic supremacists at the Puff Ho. No, on Christmas day, Sarah Sayeed of the "Interfaith" Center of New York wrote: "A new set of ads by Pamela Geller show the Twin Towers in flames next to a passage from the Quran warning that 'fear that shall strike the hearts of unbelievers.' Many see the message as Islamophobic and intended to provoke fear about Islam in America."

Sayeed's timing was unfortunate, to say the least. On the same day her article appeared, Nigerian Muslims murdered six Christians who were attending Christmas services. And in Indonesia, a savage mob of 200 Muslims, including hijab-wearing women, pelted Christian worshippers with rotten eggs and bags of urine and dung. Both of these Muslim groups were motivated by Quranic teachings like the one quoted in my ad, making it harder for Sayeed to convince anyone who is informed about current events that my ads are "Islamophobic and intended to provoke fear of Islam in America."

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