Once again, freedom of speech is under attack in Europe. Lars Hedegaard's appeal to the Danish Supreme Court will be heard April 13th along with the prosecutor's cross-appeal seeking a higher fine. Court proceedings are anticipated to wrap up the same day and a decision is expected within a week.

Americans should take an active interest in the state of free speech in Europe, because it is a forewarning of the direction our own country is heading if we don't take steps to reverse course. In a previous interview with the Legal Project, Lars Hedegaard remarked:

We live in an increasingly internationalized, globalized order where people look to other countries for guidance and inspiration. Of course, where Europe goes the U.S. may well go. You see the same pattern in Canada and other places. I don't think you should believe that the U.S. can remain an island of freedom in a world of suppression and dictatorship.

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