Hamas-linked CAIR once again reveals its true colors. Entrapment? The great terror investigator Steven Emerson gives background on Ferhani:

Manhattan Terrorism Plot:

Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh were arrested last May for plotting to bomb synagogues and attack Jews. The arrests marked the end of a seven-month sting led by New York police officers. In one of their conversations, Ferhani raised the idea of blowing up synagogues. Mamdouh responded to Ferhani's idea, saying "Hell yeah, I would love to blow that [expletive] up." In a subsequent conversation, Ferhani suggested targeting "the biggest synagogue in Manhattan." He suggested disguising himself as a Jewish worshipper and leaving a bomb in the synagogue while pretending to pray there. In their conversations both men said they hated Jews. According to an affidavit, both men purchased weapons from undercover officers, including a hand grenade, semi-automatic handguns and bullets, to help them carry out their attacks.

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