Djelloul Benyahia, a 71-year-old Algerian-born Muslim, is on trial in Grenoble, accused of raping two women, one 24 and the other 36. In separate incidents, he is accused of kidnapping the women and holding them captive for prolonged periods, raping them multiple times before each managed to escape.

I am innocent. I beg you to believe me. I don't understand why all these people have it in for me when I helped them. I don't understand why they want to make me look like a monster. In any case, Allah knows.

The Muslim claims he tried to have consensual sex with the women but it didn't happen because he was physically incapable of it. A doctor who examined him said he suffered from no malfunction, but he insists a magic spell had rendered him impotent and thus he was could not have committed the rapes.

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