A few days ago, The Telegraph was able to reveal that British prisons have started releasing a great number of rapists, sex offenders and violent criminals even before they have served half of their sentence. In 2011, 92 rapists, 176 other sex offenders and 6,990 violent criminals benefited from this benevolent policy. Many of those released carry on their old activities as soon as they are back on the street, which has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction – not least among the victims.

No such softness is on offer for people whom the state identifies as political criminals, i.e., those daring to challenge the policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism imposed by the current and previous governments. As a result of these policies, vast areas in the cities have turned into "no-go" zones, where peaceful citizens had better not enter.

In the case of these enemies of the state, there seems to be ample room in the otherwise crowded prisons.

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