You may recall that back in 2007, the series Dispatches, produced by Britain's Channel 4, sent reporters into several mosques in that country with hidden cameras and microphones.  The result was a program entitled Undercover Mosque, which – for those who didn't already suspect that fishy stuff was going on behind those walls – was mind-blowing, confirming pretty much every claim made by the critics of Islam that had been furiously rejected by imams as sheer Islamophobia.  Among other things, Channel 4 caught preachers on videotape rejecting Western law and integration into Western society; asserting the intellectual inferiority of  women and the acceptability of marrying pre-pubescent girls; and calling for the murder of Jews, Hindus, gays, Muslim apostates, and British soldiers.

If you remember that program, you may also remember what happened afterwards.  The British police investigated the mosques, but decided they didn't have enough evidence to charge them with anything.  At which point the cops did a 180 and reported Channel 4 to Ofcom, the UK's answer to the FCC, for allegedly editing its footage in such a way as to misrepresent the preachers' views.  The good news is that Ofcom eventually rejected the charges; the bad news is that, once again, the critics of Islam became the heavies, the Muslims the victims.  And despite Undercover Mosque's explosive revelations, nothing much changed as a result of them.

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