Where there are Muslims, there is Islam. Where there is Islam, there is Sharia. Where there is Sharia, there is anti-Semitism. In Sweden, there are a lot of Muslims. Die Welt is absolutely right about the way the Swedes turn their politically correct eye away from how their immigration policy is leading to increasing Nazi-style anti-Semitism. I have written extensively about Sweden recently: "The Free Press Societies: Interview with Swedish Chairman Ingrid Carlqvist and International Chairman Lars Hedegaard", "Sweden: Launching the Swedish Free Press Society under police protection", "Swedish specialty: Pink pixellation of dark-skinned criminals and pixellated anonymization of wanted criminals", "Sweden: Violent Muslims halt mail delivery in Malmø" and "Sweden: Government will spend $620,000 on protecting Jews".

Translated from German, Welt Online, February 2: (Rosengård is Malmös biggest "Sharia colony" - more precise word than "parallel society", isn't it?): Sweden: Malmö represses its new anti-Semitism:

Anti-Semitism in the third-largest city in Sweden is increasing, especially among Muslim immigrants. But whoever dares to criticize this fact is compared with the mass murderer Breivik.

When the 15-year-old Samir Ardiwan Malmo was buried in southern Sweden last month, hundreds of people followed the coffin in a procession through the city center, in a public manifestation of grief at the violence.

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