35,000 Pakistanis have been killed in Muslim terrorist attacks since September 11. The death toll in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, which mostly consist of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, is swiftly rising through the tens of thousands. While it's obvious that Islamists victimize non-Muslims, it's not always noted that they victimize Muslims first.

The first goal of every Islamist movement, from your political Islamists to your unfriendly neighborhood Islamist militia toting its black flags and assault rifles around the yard, is to set up a corrupt totalitarian system in a Muslim country that will dismantle what few human rights and legal protections had existed earlier and replace them with a judicial system run by the three blind men who memorized the most Koran verses while sitting in a corner somewhere. This system is invariably much worse than what came before it. And those who live under it are mostly Muslims.

The Islamist tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood are every bit as unethical and as abusive as their parent organization. In Australia the country's leading Islamic group is under investigation for not only defrauding the Australian government, but for also defrauding its own associated Muslim schools. And in the United States, David Yerushalmi's lawsuit against CAIR's abuses of its own clients has continued wending its way through the courts for four years.

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