A Muslim, studying for the curiously-named "master monde musulman" [Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.

Ali, who lives in Aix, apparently launched himself into an intellectual war against any person who - as he perceived it, which raises questions in the eyes of the psychiatrists who examined him and who speak of a "psychologically rigid" young man - would abuse his Muslim brothers or his religion with words.

This was the case, in his view, with his teacher of Arabic grammar, "and this for a long time" he claims, in the dock. "During his lessons Monsieur Imbert allowed himself to insult Muslims," declares the defendant, "he engages in anti-Islam propaganda. It's unacceptable and besides I already made a report about it in September 2011".

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