In twenty years or so, Brussels will have a Muslim majority. Sharia courts are already operating in the city. I asked Scrunton, will Islam fill the European desert?

"The vacuum that is growing in the heart of Europe is of course a spiritual phenomenon," Scruton says. "There is no doubt that, demographically, Islam has the chance to fill this vacuum. However, we should remember that, despite the weakness of the Christian faith, the European peoples remain committed to secular government and the rule of law, and will not accept government by the kind of 'holy law' that is the foundation of the Muslim faith. I suspect, therefore, that Islam will not be able to impose itself in any clear and officially sanctioned way on Europe. And, at a certain point, the people of Europe will wake up to what is happening to them, and, in casting off the European Union and its shackles, will repossess themselves of their national identities and the cultural inheritance that goes with the national idea. That is my hope, at least."

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