Dr. Syed Taj, Democratic candidate for the 11th Congressional District has had the opportunity to provide  a comfortable life for his family, and send his son to college, but knows others haven't been as fortunate, and that's why he's running for congress. "I'm not running to make a career out of it, or build something out of it for financial purposes, because I've been very blessed in my life, I just want to give back to the country that has given me so much," he said, adding that he wants to put Americans back to work.

Dr. Taj has worked as a medical doctor for over 40 years. He had a short stint as the chief of medicine at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, and has spent decades serving patients at his practice there.

His eagerness to give Muslims and minorities adequate representation in congress also sparked his interest in launching a congressional campaign. "I looked around at the congress and realized there really is no representation for us, number one as minorities, and number two as Muslims. Those were two reasons for me to come out," Dr. Taj said.

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