No matter how far backward Hollywood bends over to placate Islam,  its foot soldiers among the leftist media still complain it isn't far enough. Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at Britain's left-leaning The Guardian and The Observer, wrote an editorial this weekend about Showtime's terrorism drama Homeland entitled, "Homeland is brilliant drama. But does it present a crude image of Muslims?" Guess how he answers his own question.

The show centers on a U.S. Marine, missing and presumed dead in Iraq since 2003, who is rescued and brought home to Washington D.C. where he rides his war hero popularity all the way into a Congressional seat and a possible vice presidential nomination. The twist? This supposed patriot is a Muslim convert here to carry out a plot spawned by a terrorist mastermind.

As readers of FrontPage know well, political correctness and moral equivalence reign in Hollywood, and Homeland is no exception. The show suggests, as Hollywood always does, that the root cause of Islamic terrorism is "blowback" – justifiable retribution for America's imperialist foreign policy and CIA ruthlessness. Hollywood never acknowledges that our enemy might be motivated, as it has been for 1400 years, by the supremacist imperatives of Islam itself.

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