One man was killed and another injured following a knifing at Ny-Paradis state asylum centre in Bergen western Norway, Tuesday. The suspect is an Afghan who made headlines last year when he was attacked with boiling water by fellow residents of his asylum center because he was a Christian convert. A Somali man was charged for the attack, and was sentenced to five months in prison. On appeal he was acquitted, as the court believed him it had been an accident.

"He had big problems due to his Christian faith. There are many in the asylum center who don't accept people converting from Islam to Christianity,' Issa Hammer says of the Afghan suspect. He's a friend of the two Christian Afghans at the center and goes with them to church.Tuesday he got a desperate phone call from one of them. "He said he'd been attacked with a knife by a Somali. He said he would kill them because they were Christians," says Issa.

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