This week, in Norway, there was a tremendous victory for Free Speech – Bruce Bawer and Peder Jensen, Legal Project clients*, were REMOVED by the Norwegian court from the Anders Breivik trial as defense witnesses.

Last summer, Breivik committed a mass murder that left 77 people dead in Norway. He denies criminal guilt, saying the victims, most of them teenagers, had betrayed their country by embracing Muslim immigration to Norway. In his manifesto, Breivik cited many scholars, including Bawer and Jensen, opposed to Islam, Islamism (i.e., racial Islam), and/or multiculturalism.

The Norwegian court had allowed Breivik to call these two as witnesses as part of his "defense that his atrocities were necessary to protect his society from multiculturalism, socialism and an Islamic takeover…(even though) none of this "testimony" has any real bearing on the question of Breivik's guilt or innocence." This defense was initially approved by the court in order "exploit his atrocities, and the horror they have inspired, to advance their own political agendas" which "seek to blame Breivik's atrocities on conservative politicians and bloggers."

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