A Jewish student at the University of California at Davis was told that the Star of David was a hate symbol. A student at UC Santa Cruz, a veteran of the Israeli military, was frequently called a "baby killer" on campus. Protests at various UC campuses regularly analogize Israel's treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi genocide against Jews. Among these protests is an annual "Israel Apartheid Week" which features stunts like mock "die-ins," in which students pretending to be Palestinians collapse as if they had been killed en masse by Israelis.

Together, these events illuminate a pattern of pervasive anti-Israel sentiment on UC campuses, at least some of which rises to the level of actual anti-Semitism. That disturbing pattern is set forth in detail in a July 9 report compiled by the UC Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion created in 2010 by UC President Mark Yudof. The report concludes that UC campuses play host to a

"movement which targets Israel and Zionism through an ongoing campaign of protests, anti-Israel/anti-Zionism 'weeks,' and, on some campuses, the use of the academic platforms to denounce the Jewish state and Jewish nationalist aspiration."

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