The Chancellor's attempted Future Dialog with the voting population is turning into one of the most amusing pages on the German Internet. After the demand for an open discussion about Islam, including freedom of speech for Germany, still tops the wish list of the Germans with more than 74,000 supporters in spite of efforts from interested circles, another proposal has found at least 6,000 supporters: "Prohibition of Politically Incorrect."

The first sentence by the individual making the proposal is already very telling: "I am generally against too strong censorship…":

I am generally against too strong censorship, regardless of which direction it takes. However, after I studied the comments of the most highly rated "proposal" for the Future Dialog, I have become very anxious. Upon suggestion by one of the few not so xenophobic commentators that mobilized the readers over the islamophobic blog www.pi-news.net to vote for the proposal "open discussion about Islam," and to mass-post their senseless and deepest misanthropic vitriol, but do so without becoming offensive, I clicked for the first time on this website of agitation.

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