The murder victims of James Holmes, who slaughtered 12 and wounded 50 at the Dark Knight Rises movie premier in Aurora Colorado, were still sprawled in the theater when ABC News chief investigator Brian Ross on-air tried to link the killer to the Tea Party––without even a modicum of vetting the information, as ABC's apology later admitted. A quick fact-check would have revealed that the Colorado Tea Party James Holmes is a 52-year-old Hispanic, not a 24-year-old white PhD candidate. Indulging another left-wing narrative cliché, CNN's Piers Morgan tweeted, "America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg chimed in as well with the "gun-control" meme, seemingly oblivious to the lack of evidence that shows strict gun control laws reduce murder-rates. Over at the Huffington Post, Michael Shank fingered America's "highest income inequality rates in the rich world," which correlate "strongly with high rates of social-health problems, from homicide and violent crime to mental illness and drug addiction." This is a variation of the "poverty-made-'em-do-it" argument that the current recession, which has seen rates of violent crime go down, not up, refutes.

Here we see the enduring banality of the progressive mind, mired in discredited psychological, social, and economic theories like a fly in amber. Yet progressives fancy themselves the product of enlightenment and reason, with knowledge about human nature and behavior superior to those Neanderthal conservatives who "get bitter" and "cling to guns or religion," as Obama said during the 2008 campaign. Those benighted, racist reactionaries are consumed with repression and fear of the "other," full of resentment over the declining power of their "white-skin privilege," and fiercely resistant to the improving changes engineered by their betters to achieve "social justice." Psychotic as they are, it's no surprise they endorse policies that compensate for their insecurities and ignorance by seeking to exclude the historical victims of oppression. And to the progressive it's an obvious truth that a few such souls will occasionally explode into the sort of violence perpetrated in Colorado.

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