The German lawyer Michael C. Schneider in Frankfurt am Main recently described his rather dangerous personal triangular relationship with his German bar regulators and his Muslim and left-wing enemies at the conservative German website Politically Incorrect (PI).

By way of introduction, Schneider writes that "for many years," he has given lectures and written treatises concerning "five thematic areas" that "particularly concern." These themes are namely that (1) "Christianity is largely destroyed, but a new motivating lead idea for the Occident is until now not in sight"; (2) "the ruling elite venerates the multicultural ideology and specifically imports enemies into Germany"; (3) "in the center of an undirected migration stands the importation of the barbaric, fascist ideology named sharia-Islam"; (4) "corrupt elites interest themselves not for the wellbeing of the people, but rather exclusively for their personal enrichment"; and (5) "bound up with the entry into the EU and the community currency Euro is the complete disappearance of democracy."

The "personal costs" described by Schneider for his public commentary "are enormous: clients take their leave because of fears of association with an 'extremist[,]'" and "anonymous callers from the leftwing-extremist and Islamic scene threaten straightaway with death." Schneider notes in particular that he began in early 2010 to post his writings at websites such as PI. With PI itself receiving 40,000-70,000 readers a day, Schneider's entries have brought him a "modest prominence in the anti-Islamic scene" but "also, on the other hand, some notoriety in the Islamic scene as a hostile caricature [Feindbild] and object of hatred." "Because many authors at PI publish anonymously," Schneider adds, "one takes hold of the few who do not."

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