Recently, PJM sat down with professor and author Salim Mansur, whose latest book I reviewed here.

In this interview, Salim describes himself as a "Muslim dissident" and he challenges all those who describe themselves as "moderate" Muslims. Unlike many "moderate" Muslims, Salim is opposed to a shariah-compliant nation and believes that religion and state must be separate in order for modernity, human rights, scientific inquiry, and democracy to flourish. He says so, below, in his own words. He also has strong words to say about immigration and Canada's multicultural policy. Born in Calcutta, India, Salim arrived in Canada in the spring of 1974.

Phyllis Chesler: Tell us about what you do.

Salim Mansur: I am a professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. London is mid-way between Toronto and Detroit. I have been at Western since 1990. As you know, I have published two books: Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism (2011), and Islam's Predicament: Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim (2009). I also write as a freelance national columnist for the Sun Media in Canada, and my weekly columns are published in the Toronto Sun and syndicated across Canada.

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